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skank skaŋk/

Origin 1970s: of unknown origin.
1.a steady-paced dance performed to reggae music, characterized by rhythmically bending forward, raising the knees, and extending the hands palms-downwards.
verb reggae music or dance the skank. "a minimal skanking guitar"
2.informal swindle or deceive. "they made a tidy sum skanking the tourists"


Purveyors of SKA...


The EMBEZZLERS are a 6 piece, 100% Live, SKA band based in Exeter, Devon.

Playing the best in SKA and 2TONE from Desmond Dekker, Toots and Jimmy Cliff to The Specials, The Selecter, Madness and The Beat etc. Oh... and there's even a tiny little bit of The Clash thrown in for good measure!


Going back to the late 70's and early 80's the sounds of the likes of  Madness, The Selector and The Specials were floating around on the airwaves, uplifting the spirits... and that music still does that to this day because SKA and 2TONE was, and still is, a movement that unites people. All sorts of folk turn out for EMBEZZLER Shows and no matter who they are and where they are from, they are all there for the same thing - The Music (oh... and maybe a few beers too!!!) So whatever your roots... Come join the extended family!



Comprising of a bunch of highly experienced and extremely dedicated musicians , The Embezzlers have every base covered with a top notch horn section, killer keys, perfect off beat strings, crazy tight drums and all fronted by 'Murph'... Front Man with more energy than a Gallon of Red Bull! If you can keep up with him then you are a true 'Bezzler'!!!


EMBEZZLERS gigs are an experience not to be missed. HIGH ENERGY, HIGH SPIRITS, LOTS OF SINGING and most definitly LOTS of SKANKING going on. Crowd participation is by no means compulsory of course, but you wont be able to help yourself tapping your foot, let alone coming right down the front and getting fully involved!!


No gig or venue is to big or too small, whether the audience amounts to 50 or 500, the whole place will be bouncing up and down before you know it... Thats the Embezzlers way!


Available for Pubs, Clubs, Weddings, Festivals and Parties, whatever the event, The EMBEZZLERS will bring it to you with 110% enthusiasm, dedication, professionalism, a crisp white shirt and a sharp black suit!





Bideford Palladium

Lower Gunstone,


1st June 2024







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